About us

Halychyna Zahid LLC is a major agricultural company in the L'viv Region of Western Ukraine. Based on Danish expertise and Ukrainian craftsmanship, we raise and feed pigs in a sustainable work process to produce high quality pork for consumers in Ukraine.

Who we are

We are among the ten biggest pig farms in Ukraine, producing enough pork to feed more than three quarters of a million consumers in mainly Western Ukraine. Our premises cover a total of 412 hectares, and we cultivate more than 5,600 hectares of land planted with crops.

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Our values

We want to interact with our stakeholders in the best conceivable manner. Being an important pig producer in Western Ukraine we strive to leave a footprint of our activities which is as positive as ever possible. We believe that a sustainable development is a precondition for creating a productive, competitive, and efficient business.

Integrating a social and environmental consciousness and responsibility across the company and throughout the entire value chain shall constitute a natural part of our business behaviour. The principles are described in our policy for Corporate Social Responsibility.


Halychyna Zahid was established in August 2006 on the basis of a pig complex in the village of Kavsko that was almost demolished. The idea was to bring Danish agricultural knowhow and general EU practices to Ukraine in order to strengthen the agricultural development in the L'viv Region. In 2007 the first livestock was imported from Denmark, and from that point on the company has just kept on growing.


We are a local partner

Our company is one of the initiators and founders of the Association of Pig Breeders in Ukraine. Also, we want to give something back to the local communities and villages where we operate, and we do so every year. We are constantly developing meaningful charitable partnerships, and we make donations for sports events, improvement of roads, schools, church repairs, donations for certain groups of citizens in need, and local energy savings projects – they are all parts of our charitable activities.

The principles are described in our Donations and Charity Policy.


Since 2012 Halychyna Zahid has annually received awards for which we are very proud. Among them are awards for being “Leader of the Industry”, “Best Foreign Investor”, “Modernization of production” and several other nominations.

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The investment funds in Halychyna Zahid LLC is supplied by Zythomir Holding A/S, a group of Danish farmers with the purpose of investing in agricultural production in Ukraine, together with IFU, The Investment Fund for Developing Countries, and the financial institution NEFCO, established by the five Nordic countries.