Halychyna Zahid is widely regarded as a good place to work. We offer competitive and attractive terms of employment, advantageous staff benefits, and good opportunities for development.

Work with us?

Our employees are vital to us at Halychyna Zahid. We want our company to continue being an attractive, exciting, and involving workplace for all present and future employees. Credibility, trust and integrity are the basis for a constructive partnership. We comply with - as a minimum – Ukrainian legal requirements, relevant guidelines, and the spirit set forth in the principles of UN Global Compact.


CSR poliсy

We believe that a sustainable development is a precondition for creating a productive, competitive, and efficient business. Integrating a social and environmental consciousness and responsibility across the company and throughout the entire value chain shall constitute a natural part of our business behaviour.

The principles are described in our policy for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Family Day

Every year we celebrate Family Day for all our employees and their families. This festive event is an opportunity to get together and have fun, play, talk, eat and perhaps for a little time to forget about everyday problems and worries.


Vacant positions

Currently we are looking for people to work in the following positions:

Pig stable operators

Tractor drivers

If you should want to work in other positions, you are welcome to send us your application too.


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