How to make high quality pork in a sustainable way

The way we work is rooted in best practices from Danish technology and methods that rate among the highest in the EU. We produce what is probably the best pork you can find in Ukraine.

Working the farm

We provide the best possible conditions for breeding pigs, and we supply increasing amounts of pigs to be sold as high quality pork to the consumers of Ukraine. High quality pork is the result of a work process where we control all elements ourselves, from the crops in the fields, to caring for the pigs, and to the organic use of manure. Therefore, we do not hesitate to say: This is the best pork you can get!


Breeding healthy pigs

The basis of the herd was formed by almost 2000 breeding sows and 30 boars of Landrace, Duroc and Yorkshire breeds brought from Denmark in 2007. Since then we have actively increased the livestock, preserving the purity of the imported line.

By 2019 we are delivering more than 190,000 pigs annually for the market, and we have more than 5,800 sows in our stables.

Climate stable 1.jpg

Field work

The area of cultivated land has been steadily growing. By the beginning of 2019 it comprises about 5,600 hectares of land in the local area.

The major types of crops are winter and spring barley, winter rapeseed, winter wheat, corn, soya, and sugar beets.




The construction crew at Halychyna Zahid is engaged in construction, repair work and landscaping, as well as directly providing maintenance service. Due to the steady growth of the farm, the crew is constantly supplied with work. All construction, repair works and production maintenance at Halychyna Zahid is performed on time and with high quality.